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About Us

Gourmet Gift Pantry, LLC began it’s journey in 2016 out of passion and enthusiasm for the Gifting and Specialty Food category.

Gourmet Gift Pantry, LLC’s objective and ambition is to search the globe to procure on-trend, one-of-a-kind, pre-eminent, gifting solutions. We challenge ourselves daily that our gift’s provide an EXPERIENCE. Our mission is to bring family and friends together… whether in the kitchen, around a table or simply to celebrate a milestone, a special occasion, a holiday, or simply to create moments anew . Our team’s end goal is to assure that the gift-giver, as well as the end recipient reap enjoyment, a sense of fulfillment, and a conclusive experience.

We are small and nimble and very selective on our manufacturing partners. Our manufacturer portfolio is narrow in scope which allows us to maintain a laser focus approach on the brand’s we represent.

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What We Do

We are unique and are not a “me-too” like the other’s in our industry.

Aside from our extensive experience in design, sourcing and product development, we are also retained to consult, sell and represent manufacturers in the Club, Mass, Specialty and “Off-Price” retailers in the US/Canada/Mexico and Caribbean.

Additionally, in collaboration with the manufacturer partners we represent, we can and will design, assemble and create gift sets that are UNIQUE to you and your merchandising specifications. We also have the capability to create something one-of-a-kind with manufacturers who are not a current manufacturer partner or are outside our portfolio.

Our team of procurement specialists search the globe for factories/manufacturers who meet stringent SQF/IFS/BRC requirements of our major retail partners. We have a dedicated team continually monitoring changes to all major US retailers merchandising and logistic requirements.

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